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Are you a fantasy football expert? Looking to share your wisdom with the masses? Want to help others dominate their fantasy football league?

Then Fantasy Bolt is the perfect fit for you!

Launched in July 2017 by Anthony DiMoro, Fantasy Bolt, a partner site with Sports RantsDiMoro SportsThe Basketball Herald, Home Run Daily, The Brawling, GridIroned and Guerilla Bod, allows writers to sharpen their skills, develop their style, gain exposure and become an authority on fantasy football.

Here are the requirements to join the Fantasy Bolt writing team:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must possess a skill in writing and a knowledge of fantasy football.
  • Must be able to show ability to analyze, project and offer advice on fantasy football
  • Must commit to 1 article per week at minimum
  • Must pledge to post content based on analysis and opinion that is backed up by statistics and facts. Fantasy Bolt wants to produce in-depth, team-specific content that goes beyond the headlines. We want our readers to come to us for the “extra” insight, analysis and content about their favorite NFL team.
  • Must possess a strong writing ability, attention to detail and demonstrate the ability to consistently produce thought provoking content supported by statistical information.
  • Any participation (writing, contributing, social media) with Fantasy Bolt requires that the writer does not utilize Fantasy Bolt to promote personal ventures such as betting, gambling, leagues or websites that could be considered competitors of Fantasy Bolt

Fantasy Bolt encourages our writers to utilize website such as ESPN, Pro Football Focus, League & Team Websites and any/all statistical resources to construct an article.

Our goal is to provide content that offers a point of view/analysis that is supported by statistics and factual information (stats, numbers, quotes) while delivering in-depth team specific content.

How To Apply

To formally apply to Fantasy Bolt, please do email us the following information

  1. Sample of Writing (500+ words): this can be work you have done in the past. If you do not have a any past work please write a 500+ word piece and send that to us (this can be in Word Doc form, email, etc).The writing piece must demonstrate the ability to tie in statistics to support information. Our website is looking for content based on statistics and facts, we want to see an example of your ability to compose articles in that manner.
  2. First & Last Name
  3. Must agree to produce 1-article (minimum) per week
  4. Submit sample of your Fantasy Football work and analysis.
  5. Link to your Twitter account

Monetizing Content

Fantasy Bolt contributors are independent contractors and, once established, can monetize their content via ad banner programs.

Here is our page on Locating Affiliate Programs/Ad Networks so you can monetize your content